Friday, June 13, 2003

i've woken up to dream again.
it's such a cool time in my life, and so many of my friends.
a lot of stuff that happens in our lives is pretty scary, but the cool thing is whatever happens, we have the confidence that God has us in our hands. so it's like free falling sometimes but at least i know that there is some kind of catch system at the bottom - otherwise, i'd have to fear death.

so the problem now is which dream do i want to pursue? i have far too many and it's so much effort to pursue one, so i want to make sure that i pursue the right one. and then all the application process and stuff. but hey, i have to make plans on doing something. i don't want to just coast, you know? i think that i'm settled in my life now, so now it's time to do something new, i think.

i had always vowed that i would never get comfortable in life and so there we go - i'm comfortable enough to get uncomfortable again. *sigh* growing is so hard. but oh so fun.

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