Thursday, June 12, 2003

oh my goodness.
last night, 8:00pm, at the Molson Ampitheatre - COLDPLAY was amazing.

Three HUGE shows that are at the top of my list of shows I've seen are U2, Coldplay, and Weezer.
It was so cool to see Coldplay live 'cause I wasn't sure as to how the energy-level would pan out. Their music is so mellow on CD - live, it is a completely different story. Even the softest, most contemplative songs were upped in energy.

Chris Martin's pitch is incredible, as well as the other members of the band who sing back up in addition to playing their instruments.
*sigh* people who are good at what they do are SO inspiring to me - especially when it comes to music. Perhaps it's because I know that I have potential, and that I haven't really worked at developing my potential over the last ... DECADE... and I fear sometimes that I might lose the potential as I get older. All this to say that whenever I see an act like this, I panic, and think, OH CRAP, I need to work on my music.

But it's not even because I want to be famous, not because I aspire to be a "rock-star-musician-type" person.
It's really just about the art.

Oh, and it also reminds me the desire I have inside to do light design too.
Man, why is it that everything i want to do require so much damn school? so much money? so much time? so much effort? there seems to be so little time in life to do EVERYTHING that I want to do. anyway, if i wasn't so lazy, i just might accomplish a quarter of my desires...


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